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Today's Virgo horoscope

virgo daily horoscope


Aug 23 - Sep 22

Sunday 26 June 2022


Virgo day: Goals that you do not chase are not goals, they are dreams, and dreaming does not make you as happy as actually achieving something. Pursuing your goals gives you great personal satisfaction and helps you feel positive about yourself. Aim for small achievements, small milestones, better to have dozens of small accomplishments than wait forlornly for one major one. So today, be grateful for what you have, then try to gain more.

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Virgo's discussion

im virgo so im a lover lol im happy call me nickie :D

> Nick 1 year ago

Hey Nickie, what else can you tell us about yourself? ;)

Nikita 1 year ago

Help im virgo so good *

> Nick 1 year ago

I'm not reliable at all, and I'm also lazy and a little clumsy...

> Xianne 1 year ago

Love relationship

> Mahnoor 1 year ago

Science is my passion

> BB 1 year ago

Jambin why do you think you are clumsy? :)

> Eva 1 year ago

yeah, and today I am more clumsy than ever

> jabin 1 year ago

your daily advice is amazing since following it my life is better, no lie

> Kavita 1 year ago

I treat everybody, waiting until my boyfriend do the same for me :D

1 year ago

very funny banana :D from the wedding .

1 year ago
Did you know?

In 1997, Microsoft had 31,000 employees worldwide, 21,000 of whom were millionaires because of their stake in the company.

Virgo daily horoscope
Virgo daily horoscope
Puzzle of the day

Question: You’re at a fork in the road and one path leads you to the City of Lies where everyone always lies. And the other path leads you to the City of Truth, where everyone always tells the truth. There’s an old woman at the fork who lives in one of the cities, but you do not know which one. What question could you ask the old woman to find out which path leads to the City of Truth?

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Answer: You should ask 'Where do you live?' Someone from the City of Lies will lie, and therefore point to the City of Truth; someone from the City of Truth would tell the truth and also point to the City of Truth.

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