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Today's Taurus horoscope

taurus daily horoscope


Apr 20 - May 20

Wednesday 26 January 2022


Taurus day: Prudence is the key word for today. Caution in all things. You are a reliable and a capable leader, use this talent to delegate to others, because group analysis of an upcoming problem is essential, and will bring considerable reward. You have the unswerving loyalty of your colleagues and friends, and they will be willing to change their routine to help you.

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Taurus's discussion

Priyanka what do you mean by “about life”? :)

11 months ago

About life

> Priyanka 11 months ago


> Jen 11 months ago

About study life

> Barsha 11 months ago


> Vivek 1 year ago

Beautiful sunflower, I love today's Saturday photo!

> Amor 1 year ago

I did excercise today :) Who else?

1 year ago
Did you know?

The word "tsundoku" is Japanese, and describes people who buy a lot of books, but who never read them.

Taurus daily horoscope
Taurus daily horoscope
Puzzle of the day

Question: A gangster is playing Russian roulette with a six-shooter revolver. He puts in two bullets in consecutive chambers. Then he spins the chambers and fires at you, but no bullet comes out. He gives you the choice of whether or not he should spin the chambers again before firing a second time. Should you tell the bad guy to spin the chambers again?

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Answer: No. With two bullets, you have a two chances in six (or one in three) to get hit with a bullet before he fires the first time. Because the previous round was one with four empty chambers, that leaves four positions the gun could now be in, with only one followed by a bullet. Therefore you are left with a one in four chance the second round will fire. Since one in four is better odds than one in three, he shouldn’t spin again.

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