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taurus daily horoscope


Apr 20 - May 20

Sunday 26 June 2022


Taurus day: Friendship is in play today. An old friend wants you to come out and play, while another friend wants to talk about a new project, that could benefit you. You can meet both friends, however there is a third friend who has been quiet for some now, and this is the person you should contact, because they need you. Friendship is the gift that keeps giving, but watch out for those who have gone quiet.

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Taurus's discussion

Priyanka what do you mean by “about life”? :)

1 year ago

About life

> Priyanka 1 year ago


> Jen 1 year ago

About study life

> Barsha 1 year ago


> Vivek 1 year ago

Beautiful sunflower, I love today's Saturday photo!

> Amor 1 year ago

I did excercise today :) Who else?

1 year ago
Life hack

We organize our minds through the conversations we have. This is essential for the integrity of our psyche. When we are unable to think for ourselves and have no one to listen to us, we go crazy. Not least because of this, the most important task, listening to other people carefully has another purpose. It is a real compliment to be confided in. Often the person confiding does not want a solution, they want to know if their opinion of the facts is correct.

Taurus daily horoscope
Taurus daily horoscope
Puzzle of the day

Question: You’re at a fork in the road and one path leads you to the City of Lies where everyone always lies. And the other path leads you to the City of Truth, where everyone always tells the truth. There’s an old woman at the fork who lives in one of the cities, but you do not know which one. What question could you ask the old woman to find out which path leads to the City of Truth?

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Answer: You should ask 'Where do you live?' Someone from the City of Lies will lie, and therefore point to the City of Truth; someone from the City of Truth would tell the truth and also point to the City of Truth.

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