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Today's Taurus horoscope

taurus daily horoscope


Apr 20 - May 20

Wednesday 05 October 2022


Taurus day: You are naturally a reserved, almost shy person, but at the moment there are a clutch of admirers circling you. You are quite simply irresistible, your time has come. Everything about you is attracting the attention of those you wish to impress. Being the complete package is your gift now, so accept that you have the charm, and enjoy the adoration.

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Taurus's discussion

Hi boys, are you there?

> A girl 1 month ago

Priyanka what do you mean by “about life”? :)

1 year ago

About life

> Priyanka 1 year ago


> Jen 1 year ago

About study life

> Barsha 1 year ago


> Vivek 1 year ago

Beautiful sunflower, I love today's Saturday photo!

> Amor 1 year ago

I did excercise today :) Who else?

1 year ago
Did you know?

One kilogram of muscle mass consumes 36,000 kcal per year.

Taurus daily horoscope
Taurus daily horoscope
Puzzle of the day

Question: Sue and Liza decided to play tennis against each other. They bet $1 on each game they played. Sue won three bets and Liza won $5. How many games did they play?

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Answer: Eleven games. Because Liza lost three games to Sue, she lost $3 ($1 per game). So, she had to have won back that $3 with three more games, and then win another five games to win $5.

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