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scorpio daily horoscope


Oct 23 - Nov 21

Sunday 26 June 2022


Scorpio day: Friends and family are sure to play a major role in your life today. The past is very much in the forefront of your thoughts today. Memories of advice both requested and given, recalled plans, all this will make sense by the end of the day. You will meet someone with a shared interest, this could lead to a new friendship. Yes, you have enough friends, but this person will give you a new and exciting perspective on your life.

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Scorpio's discussion

Cool I love being a Scorpio

2 months ago

Wish, give your sister time to calm down. Then talk to her and apologise for being rude. Sisters are often rude to each other so there is another reason she is mad. She has a problem or an issue and you need to listen to her, really listen to her. If you love her, then tell her so. If you are proud of her, then let her know. Speak your truth quietly and clearly.

1 year ago

My sis is not talking to mee cuz i was rude to her

> Wish 1 year ago

Pls I'm i beautiful

1 year ago

This is about me :)...Anything for a peaceful life could be seen as your motto.

> Bebe 1 year ago

Excellent advise Great Zodiac, I will apply in my daily life.

> sophie 1 year ago

was very reluctant to follow the advice given but thought what the heck might as well follow it and it has made my life easier so thank you for that

1 year ago
Did you know?

If a baby continued to grow at the same rate every year as it did in the first year of life, it would be over 5 meters tall on its 18th birthday.

Scorpio daily horoscope
Scorpio daily horoscope
Puzzle of the day

Question: You’re at a fork in the road and one path leads you to the City of Lies where everyone always lies. And the other path leads you to the City of Truth, where everyone always tells the truth. There’s an old woman at the fork who lives in one of the cities, but you do not know which one. What question could you ask the old woman to find out which path leads to the City of Truth?

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Answer: You should ask 'Where do you live?' Someone from the City of Lies will lie, and therefore point to the City of Truth; someone from the City of Truth would tell the truth and also point to the City of Truth.

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