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Today's Sagittarius horoscope

sagittarius daily horoscope


Nov 22 - Dec 21

Wednesday 05 October 2022


Sagittarius day: Is someone picking on you? Or on someone close to you? Gossiping, pulling faces, quite simply being nasty? This has to be taken up with a third party, but realise that they, the bully, will just say that you are making it up, or cannot take a joke. Ask yourself, what awful things are happening in their life that they need to get pleasure by belittling others? What intense self loathing are they trying to block?

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Sagittarius's discussion

What's my love life about

> Gofast 1 year ago

I’ll get the job or not

> Ali 1 year ago

HI.I am P.Prarthana.I am also Sagittarius

> Prarthana Pradeep 1 year ago

RE: "Very cute way..." Cheers!

> Great Zodiac 1 year ago

Very cute way of telling about love and work life

1 year ago

Farhan Ahmed

> FARO 1 year ago

Hi, the Turquoise gemstone, or birthstone is assigned to the astrological sign of Sagittarius.

> Great Zodiac 1 year ago

Which is the stone

1 year ago

Today was boring, where is my the most amazing gift??

> Mia 1 year ago
Did you know?

When you have a sense of reliving something, like you've experienced an exact point in time before, you call it déjà vu, right? Well, it turns out that you can have a similar experience, but in the dream world. When you feel like you are experiencing something in real life that you have previously dreamed of, it is called déjà rêvé.

Sagittarius daily horoscope
Sagittarius daily horoscope
Puzzle of the day

Question: Sue and Liza decided to play tennis against each other. They bet $1 on each game they played. Sue won three bets and Liza won $5. How many games did they play?

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Answer: Eleven games. Because Liza lost three games to Sue, she lost $3 ($1 per game). So, she had to have won back that $3 with three more games, and then win another five games to win $5.

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