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sagittarius daily horoscope


Nov 22 - Dec 21

Wednesday 26 January 2022


Sagittarius day: Awkward question will be asked today, and they will need answering in an open and sincere way. Remember to ask some perceptive questions yourself, this is a time to ask those awkward questions that you hesitate to bring out in the open. It is important that if you feel bullied, or out of your depth, you must stop the questioning, and get expert professional advice. Whatever you do it is important not to appear weak, or prevaricate or deceive.

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Sagittarius's discussion

What's my love life about

> Gofast 10 months ago

I’ll get the job or not

> Ali 11 months ago

HI.I am P.Prarthana.I am also Sagittarius

> Prarthana Pradeep 11 months ago

RE: "Very cute way..." Cheers!

> Great Zodiac 11 months ago

Very cute way of telling about love and work life

11 months ago

Farhan Ahmed

> FARO 11 months ago

Hi, the Turquoise gemstone, or birthstone is assigned to the astrological sign of Sagittarius.

> Great Zodiac 11 months ago

Which is the stone

11 months ago

Today was boring, where is my the most amazing gift??

> Mia 1 year ago
Life hack

The most accurate explantation of what happiness is that it is Hope. We expect happiness to be found in the achievement, the arrival, but in fact it is to be found in the journey. Happiness is not to be found in the fleeting satisfaction one experiences when one has reached the summit. Happiness is found in the idea, the planning, the team, the effort, the hard work, despite the nights of doubt and hardship, it is the climb that makes us happy.

Sagittarius daily horoscope
Sagittarius daily horoscope
Puzzle of the day

Question: A gangster is playing Russian roulette with a six-shooter revolver. He puts in two bullets in consecutive chambers. Then he spins the chambers and fires at you, but no bullet comes out. He gives you the choice of whether or not he should spin the chambers again before firing a second time. Should you tell the bad guy to spin the chambers again?

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Answer: No. With two bullets, you have a two chances in six (or one in three) to get hit with a bullet before he fires the first time. Because the previous round was one with four empty chambers, that leaves four positions the gun could now be in, with only one followed by a bullet. Therefore you are left with a one in four chance the second round will fire. Since one in four is better odds than one in three, he shouldn’t spin again.

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