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libra daily horoscope


Sep 23 - Okt 22

Wednesday 05 October 2022


Libra day: How can you concentrate when so much is going on! Usually you are top of your chores and duties but today, well, chaos seems to reign. When life is this erratic it is best to just go with flow. If you can't control why fret about it. Productivity wise this will not be a good day, but perhaps you could take the time to have some fun, or relax, or completely switch off. Whichever you choose tomorrow all will be back to normal.

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Libra's discussion

I appreciate

> Hajja sammy 1 year ago

Thankyou so much..

1 year ago


1 year ago


> Ruthran 1 year ago

I am a natural leader - thank you :)

> Sandra 1 year ago
Life hack

Because unexpected things happen all the time, we will have to change our plans frequently. We will have to part with assumptions that have been proven wrong. Many people refuse to correct a course once they have started because they suffer from wilful blindness. They'd rather ignore the elephant standing in the middle of the room than part with their assumptions. Always be preapred to reasses your situaltion, your options, and your life. Mental flexibility is essential for a succesful life.

Libra daily horoscope
Libra daily horoscope
Puzzle of the day

Question: Sue and Liza decided to play tennis against each other. They bet $1 on each game they played. Sue won three bets and Liza won $5. How many games did they play?

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Answer: Eleven games. Because Liza lost three games to Sue, she lost $3 ($1 per game). So, she had to have won back that $3 with three more games, and then win another five games to win $5.

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