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libra daily horoscope


Sep 23 - Okt 22

Sunday 26 June 2022


Libra day: Getting the travel bug? Who can blame you. Opening your heart and mind to other countries, other people, other cultures show us all that we are far more alike than different. And the best part of travel is getting lost. Don't follow the schedule, the itinerary, find that small bar that serves great local food, that square with the dancing, that market with the local crafts. Getting lost helps you to find yourself.

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I appreciate

> Hajja sammy 1 year ago

Thankyou so much..

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> Ruthran 1 year ago

I am a natural leader - thank you :)

> Sandra 1 year ago
Life hack

We must take responsibility for our own lives, it is important for us to see the truth of our own situation. And if there is a problem then we have to fix what's broken in our lives, and the lives of those we love. It is not the responsibility of the state, or the church, or your friends and family to sort out your life. Only you know your truth, and what you are capable of. Only you know your weaknesses and vices. So perform your duty to yourself. Discipline yourself to improve yourself, and your life opportunities. Doing this is what will make you a hero.

Libra daily horoscope
Libra daily horoscope
Puzzle of the day

Question: You’re at a fork in the road and one path leads you to the City of Lies where everyone always lies. And the other path leads you to the City of Truth, where everyone always tells the truth. There’s an old woman at the fork who lives in one of the cities, but you do not know which one. What question could you ask the old woman to find out which path leads to the City of Truth?

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Answer: You should ask 'Where do you live?' Someone from the City of Lies will lie, and therefore point to the City of Truth; someone from the City of Truth would tell the truth and also point to the City of Truth.

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