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What is a horoscope

Also known as cosmogram, sky map, or natal chart, the word horoscope comes from the ancient Greek and means “view of the hour” but horoscope only began to be widely used to mean using the zodiac to make predictions from the 17th century onwards.

Horoscopes are used to explain the present, and see what could happen in the future. Your sign can show what sort of character you have, and how you will behave in certain circumstances.

So it is believed by many people that your horoscope can advise you on how to avoid bad situations, and how to promote the achievement of goals.

"Great Zodiac horoscopes" are zodiac based predictions, astoundingly accurate. Your free daily, monthly, and yearly predictions. Divine divination, positive predictions, uploaded daily.

The history of the zodiac signs

Star signs red universe background.
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It was the Babylonians who divided the Zodiac into twelve signs of equal length as early as 1500 BC. And they gave many of the concepts, and names, that we still use: The lion, The scales, The twins. The Greeks took this further and the philosopher, Ptolemy, who wrote Tetrabiblios, the ultimate book on astrology, and the first to use the zodiac signs that we are familiar with.

Astrology is not a science, but it has been used for thousands of years to plan peoples lives. Travellers have used the skies as a compass. Farmers in Egypt have used the rising of Sirius, viable in mid July, to announce the coming flooding of the Nile. It was logical that the skies would also be used as a method of divination.

The ancient Chinese viewed eclipses and sun activity as signals of change. Both the Babylonians and the Sumerians regularly practiced many forms of divination, from animal entrails, to keeping tracks on the procession of the stars. But it was the Egyptians who first surmised that the groupings of stars became a constellation, through which the sun moved.

Of course it was not realized at the time that it was the earth that moved, not the stars.

It was only after the Greek ruler, Alexander the Great, conquered Egypt, in 330 BC that all these theories came together. The use of mathematics to logically plot the stars courses set down the rules for modern day astrology. In fact the word, Zodiac, is Greek for “image of animal”.

What is my zodiac sign?

On the day you were born the Sun, the star that illuminates the Earth, was in one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. The first sun sign, more commonly known as Star Sign, is Aries. The last Star Sign is Pisces. Below you will find your sun sign. Then just follow the links to get the most awesomely accurate predictions based on the date of your birth. These predictions are known as horoscopes in the world of Astrology.

All you need to know to get your zodiac sign is the day and month your were born. In western horoscopes your birth year is not needed. So search below to find out what star sign you are and click on your star sign to find out new and interesting facets of your personality. Then you can click on the horoscope for your star sign to begin to see awesomely accurate predictions for the days ahead

Zodiac signs months:

JanuaryCapricorn or Aquarius

FebruaryAquarius or Pisces

MarchPisces or Aries

AprilAries or Aquarius

MayAquarius or Taurus

JuneTaurus or Gemini

JulyGemini or Leo

AugustLeo or Aquarius

SeptemberAquarius or Virgo

OctoberVirgo or Scorpio

NovemberScorpio or Sagittarius

DecemberSagittarius or Capricorn

Reviews of horoscope oriented websites

A website with nice cartoonish pictures. sells products for about £12 - £50. They publish yesterday, today, weekly, monthly, yearly horoscopes. The text of their predictions are very long, maybe it’s not necessary. Cainer sells some readings from tarot cards for about £6 and you might get a discount sometimes. We think the "Great Zodiac" will give you free and shorter English forecast for sun sights.

Purple and blue colors are specific for in 2021. The fancy pictures of zodiac signs we like. Prokerala has a lot of adverts on the top of the mobile page, which is frustrating. Another part of the mobile design takes social icons for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other apps. Also a big square picture of your sign and then finally you can read your horoscope there. Actually, the mobile experience of prokerala app hasn’t impressed us. The best mobile horoscopes in the world are from the "Great Zodiac" because it is built with the newest technology released in 2022.

Lot of years of advertising or selling stories about sun signs, careers, marriage, and nifty predictions. They called themselves as astrologers and your friend. Their free horoscope is very short and 95% of the mobile view are advertisements, moving disturbing photos which cause headache and links to payable stories managed by ganeshaspeaks. We like their artistic zodiac pictures for Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Big nice circles of Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius signs. All pictures represent women. It looks like focuses only on female horoscopes. The first thing on the mobile we saw 2 pop-ups about collecting your browsing data and after 10 sec subscription pop-up, very annoying. We were unable to close this pop-ups for some time. Maybe after 1 minute of waiting and 5 unnecessary clicks we were able to read our daily horoscope on astrostyle. Their app use quite big font size, so if you have problem with reading normal size text, you will like their size text. They sell a “Birth charts” book and “Unlock your cosmic code” book.

A website with broken design on desktop and mobile, usually 2 sentences long daily horoscope is Instead of reading what you want, it will jump on you pop-up to download their app. They think you don’t have enough app on the phone, so you should download another one. Big gaps among the lines on their web cause, you need to scroll 2 times the height of your screen, to see extremely short forecast for Aries, Taurus or Gemini star signs. The pictures decanhearld uses remind us cartoon magazine. They are highly focus on advertisement instead of valuable content. “Great Zodiac” is highly focus on quality of the content and personal experience.

If you want to pay monthly or annual astrology plan subscriptions, you can do it on Rich people can pay for that, but free astrology information with the best quality is on It looks like astrologyzone informs about some events, but there are no events published yet, maybe because of the Covid pandemic. They have also a compatibility guide for you and your partner's sun sign. You can find out more about compatibility on our page. is not a website about tango dancing style as you would expect, It is about tabloid and commercial articles. They have icons of zodiacs so big, that 9 of them will take the whole screen on a laptop. It is better on the mobile version, where they have nice pictures. Saggitarius word is very big on mobile, and it is outside of the screen on smaller phones. Before you can read the horoscope on your tango, you need to see an advertisement and a big title with an unarranged menu, which takes the whole screen. They don’t really have daily horoscopes and the text they publish sounds like random non-personal sentences. We highly recommended you to use a different website about astrology, instead of your tango.

The 100% fake horoscopes are published on It’s a pure commercial website where the content is written also by people with minimum wage or by people without deep knowledge about the topic. Their “horoscopes” are generated from a database from 20-30 years old text what you could read in newspapers. They just publish some common phrases without any personal background. If you don’t want to be scammed, read “Great Zodiac horoscopes" instead of globe and mail ones.

Maybe very popular English horoscopes in the UK, but they are tosh. Prediction is written in a long text, with low meaningful content. It’s like to read a lot about nothing. Elle are experts with a non-original ending of horoscopes. The same phrases you can read on others copy-paste “astrological” websites. It’s really difficult to find there what you want and almost impossible for another star sign. You can find elle on the page as well. But it is really a shame to publish so commercially, unhelpful texts as they do. If you want to read the smart text, with logical horoscopes, which might help you in your personal life, you should stick with the page.

Definitely, the most visited website because of its domain name, but not because of the quality of the content is They use female oriented colors, fancy graphics, a yellow star icon in a browser tab. The name of the zodiac sign is oddly inserted within the horoscope at the end of the sentence, behind the comma, maybe you noticed that. Quite annoying, instead of making a good impression. The website is very fast and good readable on mobile. They show also yesterday's horoscope, which doesn’t make sense to intelligent people, it must be there only for Google bots. They play automatically video on the page, which is considered to be a bad practice. They offer money, health, tarot, Chinese information, but don’t believe them. The whole content is very commercial similar to Commercial means it is not based on truth, but it is based on the money, to quickly sell a low quality product expensive. They use fancy pictures and graphics to achieve to hide the truth and quality prediction in horoscopes. sells chats, tarot reading, love compatibility, and other stuff to be scammed. The only thing you need in your life is to know what you want to achieve and read the Great Zodiac’s daily horoscope for giving you courage if needed. impressed us with original icons of star signs. They use mate colours, little yellowish background for better reading at night. But the menu colour is not well readable and horoscopes are very short. What is worse, their horoscopes sound like randomly generated words, without a real background of knowing what they are writing about. All Great Zodiac text is written by highly educated people with strong knowledge in astrology, psychology and journalism. So what you read on our website gives you a guarantee it will not make you weird in front of others. This risk free content is clearly not on So if you like their website, read them, but read also our page to be 100% confident, you get trustful predictions and advice. The best and easiest would be to stick with just us.

When you open the page it looks like a barbershop, but it is powered by, which means they have the same owner behind. Black & white graphic, links have green colours, everything aligns to the left, without a gap from the border of browser. You need to click 4 times to see the mobile version of the text, which is irritating. 2x info about cookies, then closing the top banner for downloading the app again and again and another close button. It’s obvious the page is commercial with untrustful content not optimized for the phone. It’s not recommended to use this website on the phone at all. Why are they redirecting to with a notice about more clarity? Once they can’t give you clarity on the main website, they will not give in the app of their other websites. We would not believe anything that they write. The sentences are so long in 1 line, you can lose focus for the following line very easily. It’s very frustrating to read huffpost page. It is like hell and heaven if you compare it with Great Zodiac horoscopes (they are the heaven version).

Very funny page, randomly generated amount of stars for money, love, energy, and mood. Information about lucky numbers which of course don’t match your real lucky number and only one daily compatibility zodiac sign is app. The daily horoscope header has a fancy title, but the description of your prediction is very pure. 2-3 short sentences without any sense or with random general sense, written like from the 1960s. What we can like is how clear their menu is organized on a desktop. Astrolis sells a love life forecast written by an ordinary person with commercial intention. We don’t recommend to buy it or read it. If you want to know more about love, spend more time with your partner, and don’t be shy to ask a personal question for what you want answers. But always be polite and use lovely words when Is going about love. You can make mistakes of others on you but discuss them in order to prevent happen it again. There is only one rule if someone selling horoscopes or any other astrology content, it is fake and a scam. The real truth is published for free on the trusted website e.g. has a nice logo of half sun, just we don’t understand why the whole front page is dark gray without any colours. Also, the logo of the sun is black. They have original graphics of zodiac signs, especially Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius signs a pretty. The mobile version load quite slowly and it is not very clear if you are reading the horoscope for today or for tomorrow. They sell tarot card reading from ios and android apps. They have fancy pictures of astrologers on the web and you can see, also your mother or daughter would fit into their team. Sunsigns have a lot of content about every star sing and if you think about it, you will find out any content is valid for any zodiac sign. It is written as a fairytale without real circumstances and possibilities. But the page is full of buttons, so you can spend an hour clicking there.

People search horoscopes on the internet in many ways. Of course, other pages might have interesting content, but the is the best in the astrology prediction field.

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